Tuesday, May 8, 2012

QUiVX court appointed ESI vendor in CityCenter Litigation

QUiVX eDiscovery Solutions is court appointed to manage all electronic data in the CityCenter Litigation – the largest Construction Defect Litigation in the world. 

QUiVX continues the trend in leading the Las Vegas Valley in Electronic Discovery services.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Geographical Boundaries of eDiscovery

As technology has evolved, the boundaries of business have dissolved. The Internet, among other technological advances, has provided a means to conduct business and commerce across states, countries and continents. This, of course, has resulted in Electronically Stored Information (ESI) being distributed across the world, even if it all pertains to one company or one matter.

We understand the growing nature of international business and the ease in which people can store sensitive data on portable devices. To respond to this growing need, QUiVX eDiscovery & Document Solutions has gone global. We are proud to announce that we are able to provide for the worldwide collection and analysis of data at any stage of the eDiscovery process. With recent data collections in locations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we have elevated our level of service onto a whole new scale. There is no longer a need for multiple vendors at different points throughout the globe. QUiVX can provide a single point of service, which streamlines the entire process and ensures a direct line of communication while minimizing miscommunications.

As a vendor seeking to provide the highest quality of service, we ensure that we are up-to-date and informed when it comes to recent rules and guidelines provided by organizations such as the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution and the International Bar Association (IBA). We also comply with the policies set forth by SafeHarbor, a joint directive between the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission intended to streamline the measures that a U.S. organization needs to take in order to comply with Swiss data protection law.

It is of the utmost importance to understand the complex legal issues when dealing with international electronic discovery. For example, one of the most important things to consider when litigation spreads into Europe is the issue of data privacy within the European Union. Litigation often requires data collection within a very short window of time. If not done properly, data collection could easily break criminal laws enacted in both the country where the litigation originated and the country of data collection. This is one of the many reasons that, as a vendor, we pride ourselves on staying on top of current laws and procedures governing data collection and processing throughout the world. It is the only way to guarantee that all data is collected in a manner that complies with all local laws and is handled appropriately during every single stage of the eDiscovery process.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

QUiVX Opens Oakland, CA Location March 1, 2011

QUiVX continues to expand its operations by opening its newest office in the heart of downtown Oakland. In keeping with the QUiVX tradition, this new office is a full Production facility able to handle all eDiscovery and document services in-house.

Friday, May 27, 2011

QUiVX is now Safe Harbor Certified

May 27, 2011
QUiVX announces that it has attained a US-EU Safe Harbor certification status from the US Department of Commerce. The Safe Harbor certification demonstrates QUiVX’s ability to deal with European data using correct procedures as outlined by the European Union.

The Safe Harbor certification now means that QUiVX is automatically approved for trans-border data transfers. This is particularly important to QUiVX’s clients who require e-discovery and the hosting of data from foreign countries.

QUiVX’s data privacy policy complies with the seven Safe Harbor principles: Notice, Choice, Transfers to Third Parties, Access, Security, Data Integrity, and Enforcement.

To view QUiVX’s Safe Harbor Privacy Policy, please visit http://www.quivx.com/safeharbor.aspx.

For more information on the US-EU Safe Harbor Certification, please visit http://www.export.gov/safeharbor/.

Monday, April 19, 2010

QUiVX Las Vegas has just expanded it operations.

April 19, 2010
QUiVX Las Vegas has just expanded its operations.

We have tripled our office space to better handle our customers needs.
We would like to thank our customers for our continued success.

Our new address is:
720 East Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

QUiVX expands its eDiscovery processing.

March 24, 2010
QUiVX expands its eDiscovery processing capabilities by 25%.

QUiVX is the only vendor in Las Vegas and Walnut Creek to handle all of its eDiscovery processing in-house. This translates into faster, more reliable turn around times for our customers.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

QUiVX ToolBelt®

January 5, 2010
QUiVX sets itself apart from other Litigation Support Vendors by utilizing QUiVX ToolBelt® as part of its quality control. The QUiVX ToolBelt® software was developed out of a need for a producing quality data in the form of Load Files and Electronic Images.

Product Features:
  • Load File Enhancements: Enhancements in load files generation for Concordance, Summation, iConect, Relativity, and others.
  • OCR validation: Each OCR text file/page is rechecked for completeness.
  • Missing Images: Each volume is checked for missing TIFF/JPEG images.
  • PDF Validation: Each PDF is validated to ensure the correct number of pages were produced and that they are able to load correctly.
  • Page/Bates Numbering: Automatic Bates and page numbering on OCR text files.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

QUiVX - Add Bates to Text Utility (FREE!)

December 12, 2009
QUiVX releases its free Add Bates to Text Utility v.

QUiVX Add Bates to Text Utility inserted a bates stamp at the top of your OCR'd text (.TXT) files. The utility adds a <> to the top of each of your single page .TXT files. You can use this useful utility when load files into Concordance FYI, Summation, iConect, IPRO or other Document Database Management System. Its perfect for all Litigation Support Professionals.

Click on the link to install the software.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Document Depository

December 5, 2009
QUiVX has just released its Web Based Document Depository. Users will now be able to deposit paper or electronic documents for free. For depository access access goto http://www.quivx.com/depository.aspx .

For more information contact sales.
Las Vegas: 702-384-3840
San Francisco Bay Area: 925.478.8222

Monday, November 30, 2009

Legal Document Solutions has changed it's name to QUiVX

December 1, 2009
Legal Document Solutions has changed it's name to QUiVX.
For more information go to http://www.quivx.com/